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Can stainless steel sinks corrode with rust?

Stainless steel sinks cannot corrode with rust if you clean and do the maintenance regularly in conditions of their intended household use. Please follow the use and care instructions for stainless steel sinks to ensure long life of your sink.

Why stains appear on the sink surface and how to prevent them?

Stains usually come from limescale and residues of dirt that accumulate on the limescale. Limescale phenomenon depends on water hardness in the local environment.
The best was to avoid such stains is to wipe and dry the sink after use. If stains should anyhow appear, it is suggested to use 2:1 solution of water and vinegar which will „soften" the limescale and make its removal easier with regular cleaning media. For persistent stains use adequate cleaning products that act as limescale solvent.

Can stainless steel sinks be scratched?

The stainless steel is a very resistant surface. However, sinks are exposed to everyday use and the surface will surely show traces of use and small superficial scratches. With time scratches will be less visible as the phenomenon will become even over the sink surface.

What is the difference between mirror polished and lеinen surface sink?

Both types are made of stainless steel having same properties and quality, so the only difference is in appearance. Polished sinks have a mirror shine surface, while linen surface sinks show less limescale traces which may appear on the surface.

Polished surface    Linen surface

For which types of installation Metalac sinks are meant?

Metalac sinks are available in three different installation types – top-mounted, inset and undermount.

See our installation instructions here.

What is the overflow on stainless steel sinks?

The overflow hole is on the vertical sink wall and it prevents water to go over the sink edges and make flood in case that sink drain is clogged.


How to take care of your stainless steel sink?

Use and care instructions for stainless steel sinks are available here.

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