FAQ XGranit


What is the composition of XGranit?

XGranit is a composite material and its main component is quartz – the hardest granite element, so these sinks are known also as „granite sinks". Quartz makes 80% of the XGranit content, it is mixed with acrylic resin and pigments. The final product is a highly resistant material of exceptional hardness.

Are XGranit sinks resistant to high temperatures?

XGranit sinks are resistant to temperatures up to 280°C.

Are XGranit sinks resistant to impacts and scratches?

Due to high quartz content (80%) XGranit sinks are highly resistant to impacts and scratches. Usual impacts from everyday use (washing of cookware etc) can't damage the XGranit sink.

Are XGranit sinks hygienic and safe for contact with food?

Yes – XGranit is completely safe for human health.

How to take care of your XGranit sink?

Thanks to the smooth surface XGranit sinks are easy to clean. Use and care instructions are available here.

Could XGranit sinks loose color with time?

No – the material structure is uniform and usual household use will not cause any discoloration. The color is also UV stable.

Could stains appear on the XGranit surface?

Stains usually come from limescale and residues of dirt that accumulate on the limescale. Limescale phenomenon depends on water hardness in the local environment. The limescale stains are removed with regular detergent or with 2:1 solution of water and vinegar.

What is the reason for dark traces and lines on the sink surface?

On the surface of the XGranit sink dark stains and lines could appear in contact with metallic objects (cookware, cutlery) which is more visible on brighter sinks. Such traces are removed by rubbing with a sponge and water. For harder stains use regular detergent.

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