Granmatrix is a Solid Surface composite material. The main component of the Granmatrix is a polyester acryl-modified resin mixed with the mineral (aluminium trihydroxide) which gives shape and hardness to the resin. As a result we get the material that is hard as a stone and at the same time easy to work with.

Granmatrix material can be cast in any desired shape. Metalac inko Ltd makes sheets of various sizes and thicknesses and other shapes like sinks, wash basins, bath tubs... A final product is custom made upon requirements and specifications of end users and in cooperation with authorized dealers – furniture manufacturers.


Granmatrix properties:

  • Wide range of colours and patterns – we offer more than fourty colours and choice of patterns is practically unlimited
  • Touch of warm stone
  • Seamless texture and monoblock structure
  • Anti-bacterial non porous surface with chemical and physical resistance – Granmatrix is a great choice for contact with food and for medical environment
  • Easy manufacture and installation
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Repairable – any damage (like small scratches and similar) could be repaired and the top surface used for years could look like brand new

    Granmatrix - kuhinjska ostrva, zidovi ...Granmatrix - kuhinjska ostrva, zidovi ...Uređenje enterijeraEko pumpe - Srbija


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