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Premiered at the Furniture Fair and

inko 25/10/2021 0 comments


After the already known line of dishes, with decors designed by Karim Rashid, sinks in a creative form signed by a world-famous designer are appearing exclusively for the first time at the Furniture Fair in Belgrade.

These sinks go on the market under the name XGranit and represent the latest line in Metalac’s range of products made of composite materials. XGranit sinks are a product in which 80% of the composition is made of natural quartz material, incorporated into the desired form with the addition of resin as a binder component. The manufacturing technology allows the surface of the XGranit sink to be pore-free, which prevents the penetration of impurities and prevents the development of bacteria. They are available in multiple colors and easily fit into any ambience.

XGranit sinks designed by Rashid karim can currently be purchased only through the online store with a delivery time of 7 days.