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Granmatrix belongs to the group of composite, or so-called Solid Surface materials. The basic ingredient of Granmatrix is ​​a high-quality resin with acrylic modification, which is mixed with the appropriate mineral (aluminum trihydroxide), which gives the given resin shape and strength. In this way, a product is obtained that looks like stone, and is processed easily like wood.

Granmatrix is ​​a material that can be poured into any form by casting. Metalac inko from Granmatrix produces plates (of different dimensions and thicknesses) and other shapes (sinks, sinks, bathtubs, etc.). End products are made to order, according to the requirements and specifications of end customers, and in cooperation with authorized partners – furniture manufacturers.


  • Wide range of colors and designs – Metalac inko currently has about fifty colors in the palette, with the palette being practically unlimited
  • Smooth surface and pleasant feeling of touch
  • Invisible joints and transitions between parts – the so-called monoblock appearance, ie the impression that the final products are made from one part
  • Antibacterial, non-porous and chemically-physically resistant surface – which makes Granmatrix an excellent choice in food preparation and healthcare facilities
  • Easy fabrication and installation
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Reparability – any damage (small scratches, etc.) can be repaired so that the product, which has been in use for years, can look like new again
  • Granmatrix is ​​a material with thermoforming properties, which means that it can be heated and bent into various three-dimensional shapes, which contributes to a number of different application possibilities


In the kitchen
In the kitchen

Monoblock kitchen worktops and sinks, corner kitchens, dining tables...

In the bathroom
In the bathroom

Integral washbasins, monoblock shower cabins or bathtubs, panel wall coverings instead of ceramic tiles, bathroom furniture.

In interior design
In interior design

Bars, counters, worktops in restaurants ...

In laboratories
In laboratories

Laboratory counters and sinks for working with aggressive chemicals ...

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