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Stainless steel sinks

Quality and tradition, domestic production

Stainless steel sinks Metalac

Metalac inko uses high-quality stainless steels from the world’s most famous manufacturers to make sinks, which provide very favorable properties:

  • rust resistance and stain appearance
  • non-porous surface
  • easy maintenance (see stainless steel sink maintenance manual)
  • complete resistance to high temperatures
  • hygienic correctness and safe contact with food
  • modern design

Inset sinks

Inset sinks are installed in the kitchen counter and represent a part of the total work surface, they are mounted in a pre-prepared opening.

Top-mounted sinks

Top-mounted sinks are installed as the upper, final element of one or more kitchen cabinets.

Undermount sinks

Undermount sinks are installed on the underside of the kitchen counter, where the edge of the sink is covered by the surface of the counter made of natural stone or composite material.